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Mido's Kitchen


Residential-Interior Design


Toronto, Canada



Mido's kitchen was designed in the heart of a Toronto single-family home. The design seamlessly blends medium wood tones with pristine white cabinetry, evoking a sense of warmth and modernity.

This inviting space showcases a dual-island concept, each fashioned from luxurious quartz, extending functionality and aesthetics. The first island features a unique touch – a lowered wooden edge encircling two sides, cleverly serving as a dining table, flanked by dining chairs that invite togetherness.

Mido - Kitchen (4).png
Mido - Kitchen (1).png

Impeccably integrated, all appliances are concealed within the cabinetry, contributing to the sleek ambiance. Minimalistic linear pendant lights hang elegantly above each island, casting a focused glow on the culinary hub below. 

As a testament to the design's fidelity, 3D renderings are thoughtfully displayed, revealing how closely the construction adhered to the envisioned concept.

This kitchen isn't just a space; it's a canvas where design and functionality dance in harmony, embodying the spirit of modern living.

Mido - Kitchen (2).png



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