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Spark's House


Residential-Interior Design


Florida, USA



Within a private Florida residence, an inspiring project unfolded, encompassing both a stunning kitchen makeover and a captivating bathroom remodel. The transition from traditional to contemporary aesthetics was achieved with remarkable finesse

Embracing a dark theme juxtaposed with a pristine white quartz countertop, the space exudes a captivating contrast. Raised wooden edges along the countertop add a touch of elegance, evoking a distinct "bar" ambiance that resonates with sociability.

Adjacent to the kitchen, a sleek and minimalistic bar area emerges, characterized by floating shelves that exude modernity. A backdrop of opulent marble tiles graces the full back wall, infusing the space with timeless luxury. This kitchen remodel stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of contemporary design elements with functional finesse, catering to both culinary endeavors and social interactions.


This comprehensive project also extends to the bathroom, where our transformative touch brought modernity and sophistication. As a testament to our dedication, meticulously crafted 3D renderings offer insight into how seamlessly the design concepts translated into the realized constructions. This multifaceted project harmoniously combines contemporary aesthetics with functional charm, creating spaces that cater to culinary endeavors, relaxation, and conviviality.



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