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The Monarch & Lion




Chicago, USA





We tried to create a world of timeless charm and elegance at The Monarch & Lion, a distinguished English pub nestled in the heart of Chicago. With its high ceilings and meticulous wood details, this inviting establishment seamlessly blends classic aesthetics with modern comforts, inviting you to experience the warmth and ambiance of a traditional English pub while embracing the energy of the Windy City.

The high ceilings create an expansive atmosphere, allowing the room to breathe and exude a sense of grandeur. The dark wood details resonate with the rich history of English pubs, while the royal wallpapers add a touch of sophistication that complements the bustling city outside.


The bar area stands as a testament to the pub's dedication to craftsmanship and artistry. The custom shelving featuring four elegant arches showcases an impressive array of premium spirits, creating a visual spectacle that captivates the eyes as much as the taste buds.

The main floor and mezzanine are a testament to the pub's dedication to providing diverse seating options. From intimate banquettes perfect for romantic dinners to bar stools designed for those seeking casual conviviality, every seating choice offers a unique perspective of the bustling atmosphere. Regular dining chairs offer a comfortable perch, while lounges and high-top tables cater to those who prefer a more relaxed experience.

At the heart of the dining area stands a magnificent double-sided fireplace, serving as both a functional source of warmth and a captivating centerpiece. Its crackling flames cast a warm, inviting glow that enhances the moody and cozy ambiance of the pub.




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